Quarkonium constructs a constitutional cyberspace system on an unstoppable distributed ledger network.


This project builds a digital ecosystem running on a blockchain, a decentralized distributed ledger. Applications in the ecosystem are native or compatible to interact with the blockchain. Developers are able to start and/or join Quarkonium flexibly with some built-in tools provided by the ecosystem emulators.

The aim of the project is to create a prototype of cyberspace federal system, and expand the ecosystem by natural growth and uniting cyber communities.

Infrastructure: A Perpetual Ledger

Quarkonium Foundation works with the communities to launch a public blockchain, as the system infrastructure, with the open source genesis.

Constitution: A Stakeless Consensus

Quarkonium Foundation proposes a consensus mechanism of stakelessness (sortition) for a federal system to run the backbone of the infrastructure.

System Facilities: Digital Emulators

Quarkonium Foundation co-builds a digital asset emulator and a decentralized application emulator, etc. with the communities to invent and explore the Quarkonium cryptonomic system.


Project collaboration extends from teamwork, coalition, partnership, etc. to spontaneous cooperation among virtual units.

Quarkonium Foundation

Quarkonium Foundation pioneers the development of the core systems, organizes the ecosystem communications, maintains the collaboration among communities, approves and supports any significant roadmap.

Communities & Collaboration

  • Social networking systems
  • RPG Gaming societies
  • Cryptonomic societies
  • Blockchain societies
  • Algobet Labs · Github · Gitlab


  • Website: http://quarkonium.org
  • Slack: quarkonium.slack.com
  • Email: admin@quarkonium.org

Logos & Copyrights

  • Logo: Quarkonium
  • Copyright: © 2018 Quarkonium, An Algobet Labs Project