Babylonium constructs an institutional cyberspace system on the top of a public ledger or blockchain with a sustainable and self-adaptive mechanism of consensus.


This project builds decentralized applications (Dapps) running on the top of a public ledger. Deeply integrated into with the ledger, Babylonium also develops a cluster of instititutional facilities to bridge Dapps to the blockchain. Developers are able to take part in the open source Babylonium communities to use built-in tools.

The aim of the project is to seed a democratic institution to co-build a constitutional cyberspace, along with disruptive technologies like web 3.0, blockchain, cryptonomics, etc.

Infrastructure: A Public Ledger

Babylonium Foundation works with the communities to initiate a public ledger as the system infrastructure to back the development of institutional facilities and Dapps.

Constitution: The Quarkonium

Babylonium Foundation adopts the 'Quarkonium' stakeless consensus mechanism to constitute system-wide protocols and start up the infrastructural backbone.

Institution: A Federal System

Babylonium Foundation initiates a prototype of federal cyberspace institution. Built on the labeled public ledger, engines of Dapps and protocols are the native components of the Bablylonium institution.

Protocols and Dapps

Prototype Implementation
Protocol BIX - Blockchain Information Exchange
Dapp BAO - Blockchain Asset Omnificence


Project collaboration extends from teamwork, coalition, partnership, etc. to spontaneous cooperation among virtual units.

Babylonium Foundation

Babylonium Foundation pioneers the development of the core systems, organizes the ecosystem communications, maintains the collaboration among communities, approves and supports any significant roadmap.

Communities & Collaboration

  • Social networking systems
  • RPG Gaming societies
  • Cryptonomic societies
  • Blockchain societies
  • Algobet Labs · Github · Gitlab


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Logos & Copyrights

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